There are many reasons that you may want to stipple your polymer frame. What we do is more than just stippling though. A lot more.


Stippling itself adds a level of security in knowing that you have the most positive grip on your weapon at all times. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, your hands will get sweaty, or greasy of worst of all, have blood from an injury. When it counts the most, you want to be able to grip your weapon to have the most reliable and accurate shot possible.

We offer two different types of stippling. Our fine point stippling is ideal for concealed carry and offers the most robust grip texture without chewing your hands up.

Our medium grain texture is great for concealed carry as well, however it offers an added benefit to shooters who like to wear gloves while training. The coarser texture means business when it comes to weapon retention.

Both textures are incredibly comfortable to grip tightly and with less effort maintaining your grip, you are much less likely to experience fatigue.


When we started working with the Polymer 80 frames, namely the PF940C, PF940v2 and the PF940SC we were thrilled with their design as a platform we knew we could refine.

We purchase Ready Mod frames to alter rather than buying the pre-textured frames. The texture provided by Polymer 80 is fine if you are only looking for fine. It’ll work.

Where ARMS|ETC really focuses our attention is in the contouring and shaping the frames to fit they way they should. We remove material from the grip stem and reshape the trigger guard to make it not only more comfortable, but more usable.

We increase the cut to prevent the dreaded “Glock Knuckle” and we completely reshape and refinish the rest of the trigger guard to what we feel it the most comfortable and unobtrusive shape possible. It gets a lot of excess material out of the way to allow your hands to come together smoothly and hold tightly. Some customers have even commented that the reshaping has helped correct grip issues they have had the past.

You Could Do It Yourself

But look at these and then make up your mind. Here is what can (and most likely will) go wrong.

Gallery of Terrible, Bad, Horrific Stippling Jobs

Our Team

We have perfected the hand work when it comes to stippling and shaping pistols to make them as ergonomic as possible. Our crafts-(men & women) have done hundreds of frames over the last four years, working with all different brands and have all come together under the ARMS|ETC roof to provide our expertise directly to you. ARMS|ETC is an employee owned company.

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